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As a Jaques Irrigation customer you will be able to take advantage of our many services provided to you. Our services include: Custom Design, Installation, Add-ons, Troubleshooting, and Repairs, as well as Spring Start-ups, In-Season Check-ups, Backflow Testing and Fall Winterization. All these services guarantee your system stays running at optimum performance year after year. As a Jaques Irrigation customer you will receive the extraordinary service you deserve and a relationship you can trust.

Design - Custom designed specifically for your needs-residential, commercial, or municipal.
Lawns, shrub gardens, flower gardens, flower boxes, potted plants, lawn faucets, horse arenas, pastures, or sports fields. There's nothing we can't do.

Installation - Clean, quick, and efficient installation using only top of the line products.

Add-Ons - We can easily expand your current sprinkler system to accommodate any new desires.

Troubleshooting - Having trouble with your current system? We at Jaques Irrigation have the proper tools and technology to give you on-site description of what the issues are.

Repairs - After troubleshooting the problem area, repairs to your current sprinkler system will be provided so that your system will be up and running quickly at optimum performance.

Spring Start-up is an extremely important start to the new year for your irrigation system and must be done properly. Once an appointment has been scheduled with Jaques Irrigation, we will arrive on time the day of our appointment to ready your irrigation system for the new season. At this time we will reprogram your time clock on a schedule based upon the geographic climate during the spring months. Once the time clock is set for optimum performance for the spring season, we will then turn on each part of your irrigation system and inspect any damages that may have occurred over the winter months, as well as make any necessary adjustments to the sprinkler heads. Once our evaluation is completed, we will go over the time clock schedule, any possible damages, and our plan of action to see it fixed.

Mid-Season Check-ups and Backflow Testing are crucial for your irrigation system to continue running at optimum performance; saving you money, and keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful all year long. It involves adjusting your time controller from its current geographical spring setting to accommodate the hotter, drier summer months. At this time, we test your backflow prevention device, as well as, provide another inspection of your entire irrigation system, and any necessary sprinkler head adjustments.

Fall Winterization involves turning off your irrigation system. This requires proper drainage of your back flow preventor, air compression of the entire irrigation system using our 210 cfm air compressor, and the powering down of your time controller. Once the entire system is properly winterized, you are now ready to take on the winter season.

Annual Service Agreements: Hassle free, annual service agreements are sent out after the new year.

Online Bill Payment using Credit Cards: Customers can now pay their bill online through a safe and secure web site provided by Intuit Quick Books Billing Solutions. This is an awesome feature we provide exclusively for our Jaques Irrigation customers.

How it works-Customers will receive an email containing an electronic invoice. There will be a link to click on and view the invoice. Once the invoice is viewed, the customer can click on the pay online link at the bottom of the page where they can pay their invoice online using a credit card. They can also send a check in the mail if they choose. Credit cards we currently accept are Visa, Master Card and Discover. Upon approval of their credit card transaction, will be a confirmation number they can print for their records. Once Jaques Irrigation receives the payment, a separate email will be sent right back to the customer as a second confirmation and receipt for their records as well.

Customers can also decide whether they would like to create an online account for Jaques Irrigation LLC, with their own user ID and Password. Customers do not have to sign up to pay their bill online, but If they choose to do so, they will be able to maintain an online account that will trace their own records of our services, invoices and payments made. Please note, you do not have to create an online account to pay your bill.


Any questions regarding online bill pay and credit card service please do not hesitate to contact us.



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