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Jaques Irrigation sprinkler systems provide you with a state-of-the-art irrigation system that effectively maintains your landscape automatically. You will receive the highest quality products that best fit your specific landscape design.

The following components from Hunter, Nelson, Rain Bird, and Netafim are used to consistently provide optimal performance for your irrigation system year after year.

:: Time Controllers ::
Time Controllers are the "brains" of your system. The controller unit works in conjunction with the valves to water sections of the property. The sections or "zones" can be individually programmed to allow for lawns, shrubs, flower beds, flower boxes, potted plants, and trees to receive the required amount of water without being wasteful. 
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Control Freak
Nelson Ez-Pro Junior Indoor/Outdoor Controller
Hunter Pro-C Indoor/Outdoor Controller
Hunter ICC Indoor/Outdoor Controller
Nelson Ez-Pro Indoor/Outdoor Controller
:: Electric Valves ::
Electric Valves receive signals from your time clock to turn on/off your zoned irrigation system. When the zone valves are opened, that area is watered for the programmed period of time. The number of zone valves needed depends on many factors. These factors include, but are not limited to, landscape design and planting needs,  water pressure and gallons per minute.  These variables and others are carefully considered and calculated when the system is being designed.
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Hunter ICV Heavy Duty Commercial Valve
Hunter PGV Electric Valve
:: Rotor Sprinkler Heads ::
Rotor Heads pop-up, are adjustable, operate quietly, and have rotating arcs from 40-360 degrees. The type of sprinkler rotor head used is based on your design. Rotor sprinklers are zoned according to their radius, arc and the gallons per minute (gpm) each sprinkler produces. All sprinkler arcs will vary , thus water flow from each sprinkler head will need to vary as well. In our design process we apply and calculate each arc of your sprinkler head, which results in a design we call "Matched Precipitation". This is a crucial step in the design process and cannot be overlooked. Matched precipitation means the right amount of water will be distributed over your entire landscape evenly, regardless of the many different arcs you will have at your site. This results in an efficient, cost effective irrigation system that not only conserves water, it also saves you time and money year in and year out- Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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Hunter I-20 Rotor Head
Hunter I-40 Commercial Rotor Head
:: Spray Sprinkler Heads ::
Spray Heads pop-up, have no rotating parts, and nozzles are adjustable from 0-360 degrees. Overall, there are many different types of sprinklers heads. Knowing which types to use, and where and when to use them, is the key to having a successful irrigation system.
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Hunter PS Spray Heads
:: Drip Irrigation ::
Drip tubing lies out of sight under your mulch and emits water to your plants slowly at the roots. Drip irrigation provides the perfect amount of water your shrubs and plants need to thrive while keeping mulched areas between your plants dry, thus reducing weed growth and water waste.
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Netafim Drip Irrigation
:: Sensors ::
Sensors provide automatic shut off in case of inclement weather. They are a proven water saver and come with every new Jaques Irrigation installed sprinkler system. Sensors can be wireless or wired.
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Wireless-Rain Clik
Hunter Wireless Rain-Clik
Nelson Acclima
Nelson Acclima Soil Moisture Sensor
:: 2-Wire Systems ::
This system allow us to re-program and manage your irrigation system using our office or laptop computer. The 2-Wire system connects through a phone line and built-in modem connected to the irrigation system controller. We have installed and currently are maintaining these two types of 2-wire systems.
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Hunter ACC 2-Wire Decoder System
Nelson 2-Wire
Nelson Acclima 2-Wire Decoder System

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